Glamorized Classic Threefold

Glamorized Classic Threefold ₦20,000

GLAMORIZED Classic Threefold works perfectly. It is a perfect waist trimmer for people with long torso and balance body with aim of achieving your desired body. This waist trainer with a sporty look helps you to slim waist, tummy, and thighs…


  • It will slim, train your waist and supports your back.
  • It will make you look 2 sizes smaller in just seconds, giving you that perfect waistline in seconds!!
  • You will get that desired Hourglass shape instantly!
  • Helps keep the lower back in an upright position, reducing strain and pain
  • Provides that extra support lower back pain and gets rid of your suffering
  • Provides warmth and compression which can alleviate pain
  • Instantly Helps improves your posture
  • Relieve pains and compression for muscle injuries and general lower back dysfunction, injuries to the lubar discs, and sacroiliac joint dysfunction.
  • No side effect

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