The Kardashian sisters are world-famous for their hourglass silhouettes. While they certainly have genetics and natural beauty working for them, they’re still human. How do the Kardashians slim and maintain a small waist? And how can others imitate their style?

Here’s what you need to know.

Since 2014, these women have revealed one of their biggest secrets: waist training and corseting. In order to maintain their iconic figures, they wear their waist-slimming garments with discipline (not just for Instagram).

Want to slim and maintain a small waist too? Here’s how to imitate the Kardashian look with waist training.


One of the practices that the Kardashians have made famous is working out in a waist trainer.

The benefit of wearing a waist trainer during exercise is firm compression around your core. This stimulates heat and perspiration, which results in a higher intensity workout. In other words, you can achieve a harder workout with more sweat and with less time and effort if you use a waist trainer.

The Kardashians sisters appear to do a variety of types of workouts in their waist trainers, including strength training and cardio, which is what we recommend for the best results. There have also been some photos that they have shared of them wearing their waist trainers when doing lighter workouts, like walking the dog or organizing their closets. It all counts!

To see dramatic curves, try to work out in a waist trainer five days a week. Check out the ideal waist training workout routine, which includes strength training for all muscles groups and a variety of cardio, so that you’ll burn fat and build lean muscle.


In addition to wearing a waist trainer during workouts, a daily waist training regimen is an important factor for achieving Kardashian curves.

What this means practically is wearing your waist trainer for 8–12 hours a day. This will provide compression around your midsection, which stimulates heat and perspiration. It works best when paired with a healthy lifestyle if you’re trying to slim down your midsection.

While they look great in selfies in front of the mirror, waist trainers are also versatile and discreet. They create a sexy hourglass silhouette and define your curves discreetly under most clothing. They can also help you stay motivated to stick with your health and fitness goals, support your posture and help you feel more confident as you go about your day.

If you’ve never practiced a daily regimen before, we recommend starting out slowly and gradually wearing your waist trainer a little more each day as your body adjusts to the way it feels (more on this below). Over time, you can see your progress by tightening the front closure on your waist trainer to the next row of hooks.

You might find it practical to begin waist training with your daily workouts, and then gradually adding in time outside of that. Just be sure that you’re switching out of your workout band and into a daily waist trainer, as this will be most comfortable.


Kim Kardashian West seemed to miraculously bounce back from pregnancy. But once again, waist training came to her aid as she regained her tiny waist.

Once your body has healed from pregnancy, you can gently reintroduce waist training into your routine. Compression around your midsection has several benefits, including support for your back stimulating heat and perspiration in your healing core. You may have to be more patient, as it takes time for your abdominal muscles to regain strength and for you to lose the baby weight.

The months following pregnancy are also a vital time to get adequate hydration, nutrition and gentle exercise. (Rest, while difficult, is also very important!) Your body will be flushing out excess fluid and going through hormonal changes. If you’re breastfeeding and trying to lose weight, be sure that you’re getting the nutrition you need.

A waist trainer can also be an excellent aid during this period because it will size down with you. Track your progress with photos and waist measurements, and see how much you slim down week by week.


If you want to take waist training to the next level, try using a steel-boned corset in your daily routine. Kim Kardashian West has shown off the dramatic results that a corset can create.

Corsets are similar to latex waist cinchers in that they provide compression around the core. Instead of fastening in the front with hooks, however, they use the traditional corset design of tight laces. The result is an even more dramatic cinch at the waist of up to several inches.

You can wear a corset as part of a daily waist training regimen. We don’t recommend wearing one for workouts, but other than that you can use one as part of your everyday wardrobe. You can even wear a corset over your clothing as a dramatic waist-slimming fashion statement.

One important thing to remember about corsets is that they take time to break in, similar to a pair of shoes. Plan to “season” your corset by wearing it loosely for a couple of hours a day for about two weeks before you fully tighten the laces. This gives the garment the opportunity to mold to your unique curves so you can get the optimal shape.

To set yourself up for success, you might want to incorporate several styles of waist trainers and corsets in your wardrobe. For example, you could start with one waist trainer for workouts and another for wearing under everyday attire. Once you’re in a good rhythm and want to see even more results, you could add in a steel-boned corset to your wardrobe. Wear whatever helps you achieve the results you want and feel your best.

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